Ektachrome Cafe


About the Photographer

The original images seen here at the Ektachrome Cafe were taken by my dad, William Hinson, in the early 60's with a film camera and, in some cases a tripod, using the Ektachrome 127 format, the standard color reversal slide film of the day. Independently from their being my family photographs, I find Dad's pictures stunning and sweet.

Perhaps you have just discovered that you love old Ektachrome 2x2 slides just as much as I do. You do if you are as enchanted as I am with the square format and the sort of abstract effect that age has given to create that lovely look of layered paper or an oil painting. Mother Nature has provided a softening of the hues in keeping with the age of the slides.

Welcome, friends, to the Ektachrome Cafe!